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The News wave is an independent news site for latest happenings in the world of science and technology.

Our website is aimed to get all the latest happening in the science and technology at your finger tips by visiting one website.

You wont be require to visit multiple websites to know the news.

We are concentrating only on the news that improve your knowledge, hence we are refrain ourselves from the political and other entertainment news.

We have all news from various spectrum of sciences.

We are currently in two languages “English” and “Malayalam

Our English Website “The News Wave Science” has spectrum of news from “Space News“, “Life Science News“, “Chemistry News“, “Physics News“, “Technology News” and “Other Science News

Our Malayalam Website “വിജ്ഞാനവും വിനോദവും” provides news from Space, Life Science and Other Science and Technology

We have our presence in Facebook “English” and “Malayalam