July 15, 2024

Seven EU member states have ordered ammunition within the framework on joint procurement of the EU under the aegis of the European Defence Agency (EDA) aimed at supplying Ukraine with artillery shells.

Source: EDA on request of the Reuters agency, as reported by European Pravda

EDA stated that the orders concern both ready-made artillery rounds of 155-mm calibre and their components, for instance, charges and capsules.

“Seven Member States have already placed orders for 155mm ammunition through the EDA’s fast-track procedure. More orders, for instance for national replenishment purposes, could materialise in the coming weeks and months,” the EDA added.

By placing orders before the end of this month, the countries are eligible for reimbursement from an EU-run fund, the European Peace Facility, for ammunition procured for Ukraine.

The EDA declined to name the countries or state the size of the orders, as well as the countries participating in the procurement, saying much of the information was confidential.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania confirmed to Reuters that the country participates in the procurement.

As it is known, the EU helps its member states in supplying artillery projectiles and missiles from national stocks; aggregation of demand and joint procurement of 155-mm projectiles, as well as in increasing production capacity of the European defence industry.

The Act of Support for Ammunition Production (ASAP) was created in the EU for increasing the production of projectiles and missiles. It came into force on 23 July. It is a part of the EU’s plan for supplying Ukraine with a million artillery projectiles.

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