July 16, 2024

Some people may say you never know what the left will get angry about, but in truth, they’re pretty predictable. For instance, if you see something wholesome that involves a homogeneously racial family…get ready. 


For instance, some wholesome McDonald’s ads out of Japan have been causing some on the left to absolutely lose it. 

The ads are relatively wholesome and, for the most part, are receiving wide praise from American audiences for their focus on sweet emotions and solid animation. Take this one for instance. This commercial features a girl and a chair that had come to life. The girl remembers her mother telling her as a small child that she could have a Big Mac when she was older. It’s weird, but it’s also weirdly wholesome.

But it’s another Mcdonald’s ad from Japan that seems to have gotten under the very thin skin of the left. It simply features a young family, a mother, a father, and a little girl, eating McDonald’s at the family table. There’s not really much else to it other than the fact that it’s wholesome and cute. 

This apparently caused the woke to become outraged and before you knew it, they claimed that white supremacists and antisemites were on the move and having a great day. Take this really weird reaction, for instance. 


Or this one…

These are just a couple of the weird feelings of outrage the Japanese ads are drawing, and while their reasoning is bizarre, it definitely exposes what it is they’re truly upset about…

They see a happy family.

The radicals on the left hate the idea of a nuclear family. They’ve made it very clear on several occasions that the destruction of the nuclear family is a major goal in the reformation of the West. Their idea is that the kids that are born should belong to the state so that they can be brought up in the leftist way of thinking, not the parents who will raise them to value traditional American beliefs. 

It’s an old Marxist goal. Even Black Lives Matter, led by their self-professed “trained Marxists” had it up on its website before they quietly took it down

What the McDonald’s office in Japan is doing is dangerous to that plan. What they want from corporations, or people with large platforms, is to carry the message of social justice either subtly or very, very directly. For instance, this little post from McDonald’s in 2020. 


They want a constant stream of this nonsense. Any allusion to traditional values may set back their movement or reinforce ideals of traditional values. 

So when they see ads like the ones from Japan, they lose it and begin spouting off nonsense about white supremacy, antisemitism, homophobia, and whatever else they’ve been trained to say upon encountering anything that defies their narrative. 

What they don’t understand is that they’re so angry because, in their heart of hearts, they want this, but they can’t let themselves have it. They’re deeply unhappy and so in their minds, everyone else has to be too.

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