July 13, 2024

I  just happened to be browsing the pages of RedState and came across some stories that mention one of America’s favorite congresscritters from New York, the lovely Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, who goes by her stage name most of the time, AOC, which is perfect for her.


Three letters she will be hard-pressed to forget.

Alexandria Ocaso Cortez has never been accused of being a rocket scientist. On occasion, she has been accused of trying to hide her crush on former Twitter and now X owner Elon Musk. While I’m not in any position the comment on who AOC is crushing on, (mostly because I’m still confused about why some Kansas City Chief guy is involved with Taylor Swift), I can comment on some of the other things that AOC says.

So when I read this article by my colleague Nick Arama right here, Grab All the Popcorn: AOC Has a Meltdown When Elon Says She’s Just Not That Smart, I was horrified to learn that people do NOT think AOC is all that smart. 

We start off with an AOC gem of a video making some really off-the-wall comments: 

From the video above

Numbers of when it comes to people coming to New York City today are nothing I’m telling you nothing, compared to the daily amounts of people that we saw coming in from through Ellis Island in the first half of this century.


We’re seeing you know more than 12 million immigrants that passed through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954 and we had seen just huge numbers of people coming in per day that far eclipsed, far eclipsed what we are seeing right now.

As Nick commented in the article above.

So, how wild are those comments? 

Does she not understand the difference between the chaos of people flooding across the border now versus what was then legal immigration through a checkpoint? That there was far more checking and inspection, it seems, then than what goes on now, with people being given physical exams for diseases and being checked to see if they were mentally impaired? 

I really do think that AOC is seriously trying to hide her crush on Elon. I mean, for cripes sake, she has been saying she was going to sell her Tesla years ago and still has not.

However, maybe the problem is that she is still concerned about an out-of-the-ballpark crazy prediction she made four years ago about when the Earth was gonna end right here, and she just can’t let the electric vehicle by her secret love go.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Monday said she thinks that there is an urgency needed in addressing man-made climate change, warning that it will “destroy the planet” in a dozen years if humans do not address the issue, no matter the cost.

During an interview at the MLK Now event in New York City honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Ocasio-Cortez told interviewer Ta-Nehisi Coates that younger Americans are looking for bold solutions to climate change, and are not concerned about the cost.

{mosads}“Millennials and people, you know, Gen Z and all these folks that will come after us are looking up and we’re like: ‘The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?’ ” Ocasio-Cortez asked Coates.


How do people NOT think she is smart? She actually knows when the planet will just end.

Totally makes sense to me now.

Why would you worry about immigrants flooding across the border even though the mayor of your city is basically saying the whole area is being overrun by illegal immigrants and it’s going to bankrupt the area? Who cares when we only have essentially less than two presidential elections left on the planet?

She went and bought a Tesla, she did her part, and now she doesn’t want to get rid of it because she has a low-level crush on Elon, who has no problem procreating with the ladies. Maybe AOC thinks that she has a chance of catching Elon’s fancy with one of her Twitter-Instagram videos where she just rambles on and pulls numbers out of her derriere.


You see, the Congressperson from New York is truly much smarter than the rest of us.

She will never be defeated in an election; she will never have to make an honest living because she lucked out in a primary election, and leftist think tanks will make sure no matter where she goes, she’ll always have money to match her social media influence.

Easy peasy.

This is just another example of why the United States is in so much trouble.

Enjoy the next seven years and four months on the planet, rubes.


AOC and her ilk beat us all.

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