July 22, 2024

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius indirectly confirmed earlier reports that Germany would double military aid to Ukraine to about $8.5 billion (€8 billion) in 2024, German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported on Nov. 12.

“This is a strong signal to Ukraine, showing that we are not giving up on them when international attention is ‘more focused’ on (the war in) Israel,” said the minister.

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He explained the increased amount of aid as a response to this year’s experience, “which showed that the planned amounts were quickly exhausted,” adding that “we don’t want to be in a situation next year where we have to make additional (financial) requests.”

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The Bundestag’s budget committee is expected to approve the additional spending in a so-called adjustment session on Nov. 16, German public broadcaster ARD reported earlier. It will then have to be voted on by the parliament.

Germany’s Bild newspaper initially reported on Nov. 11 that Berlin will double its military aid to Ukraine from $4.25 billion (€4 billion) to $8.5 billion (€8 billion) in 2024, citing sources in the German Defense Ministry.

Earlier, on Nov. 8, German defense contractor Rheinmetall announced it would supply 100,000 mortar rounds to Ukraine.

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