July 19, 2024

Members of the Biden team have a big job to do, just dealing with Joe Biden’s incoherence every day.

Can you imagine all they have to do just to keep up? There’s finding huge teleprompters he can read, making up the constant notes he needs to function, and shooing the press away so that there’s less likelihood that they catch any of Joe’s gaffes. 


However, that’s when everyone is rallying around trying to cover for all his issues. 

But what about when they don’t want to go along, because they don’t like what he’s doing? 

Democrats have set the radical left into motion and now it’s coming back to bite them in the posterior. As we’ve reported before, some of Biden’s people in the State Department are unhappy with his support of Israel. But now they’re seemingly willing to throw him under the bus as well, not just saying they’re unhappy, but accusing Biden of spreading “misinformation” as well in an internal memo that was then leaked to the press. 

Axios reported that it obtained a “scathing” memo that was signed by 100 State Department and USAID employees that suggested Biden’s continued support of Israel has made him “complicit in genocide” as the Jewish state continues to retaliate after Hamas killed at least 1,400 civilians during the Oct. 7 terror attack. 

“Some of the memo’s language echoes that of progressive activists in the U.S., whose anger and protests over Biden’s handling of the war have rippled through the Democratic Party — and created a new challenge for the president’s 2024 campaign,” Axios reported.


They don’t say in the letter what the supposed “misinformation” is. 

Axios’ Hans Nichols noted that the letter also “criticized Biden for ‘questioning the number of deaths’ in Gaza.” However, statistics from the Hamas-run Health Ministry are known to be unreliable. 

“Throughout the document, there are broader critiques of U.S. policy in the Middle East and what the authors call a failure to advance a viable path to a two-state solution in the conflict between Israel and Palestinians, which Biden has said he supports,” Nichols wrote before noting “dissent memos are supposed to stay within the building, but sometimes they are leaked to the media.”

Translation: they think Biden should just be accepting the death stats put out by agencies controlled by Hamas. 

These people who think like this are working for our State Department. If you ever wondered how Biden could so royally mess up foreign policy as he has, all you have to do is listen to how clueless these people are. Bad leader, bad people = bad policy. 


Their position is not just twisted; it also would help the Hamas terrorists. It should be of concern all of us that these people are anywhere near power and such critical decisions. 

What kind of person would have a State Department with such people? 

The same kind of guy who seems to be wavering to them and pressuring Israel for “pauses” and talking about what is essentially a ceasefire.

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