July 14, 2024

It’s been intriguing to watch the evolution of Bill Maher because he’s a good example of more of a classical liberal who has been mugged into reality by how far left and woke the Democrats have gone.  It’s not just Maher, but a lot of other Democrats are questioning the “crazy train.” 


Maher called the unhinged woke left the “crazy train” when he had Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on his show on Friday. They did a tag team hit on the left. He acknowledged that the visit brought him to a different place with Cruz, whom he had previously mocked. Maher called it the beginning of a “friendship.” Cruz was on because he has a new book out about cultural Marxism. 

On the show, Maher also had a few things to say about that horrible comment from Barack Obama on the Israel-Hamas situation. Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 deliberately slaughtering women and children, while they continue to threaten to wipe them off the map. They’re still holding hostages including babies and refusing to give them up. Yet, some, like Obama seem to want to make a moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas.

Obama also falsely claimed that there was an “occupation” in Gaza which isn’t true, and he should know better. Either he doesn’t or he’s just pushing more leftist propaganda. 

“If you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth. And you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree,” he said, arguing that the entire world bears responsibility for allowing the decades-long conflict to fester.


No, Obama may bear some responsibility because he gave billions to Iran. But it is not true that we all are “complicit.” Hamas attacked Israel. That’s on them. They had a ceasefire, they could have kept that. But they were too intent on killing Jews. Israel is just intent on surviving. It’s not the same. And suggesting it is is just shameful. Not dealing with that truth is shameful.

Maher said Obama’s remarks were disappointing and that it wasn’t a “helpful statement at this moment” a month after the attack. “I must say I am struggling with people’s moral equivalency still,” Maher said. 

“There’s a big difference between collateral damage and what Hamas did,” Maher said, to resounding claps from the audience.

Maher then spoke about the pauses that Israel has given residents of Gaza to be able to get out. That’s not completely true, but that’s what is being reported so I don’t blame him for believing that because the Biden team falsely claimed that they’d gotten the Israelis to agree to a four-hour daily pause each day to let people out. The Israelis denied that, cutting the Biden team’s claim out from under them, saying they had already been having situational pauses, but they weren’t doing any such thing as a daily four-hour pause. The Biden team just wanted to make it look like they had achieved a sop to the left who has been pressuring them.


But Maher points out how “it is a war” that Hamas started. It’s not exactly common that you’re giving the people of the country that attacked you the opportunity to get out of the area. That’s how much Israel is being accommodating, while Hamas is still swearing to kill them.

So interesting: when they fire at Israel, it’s a war. When Israel fires back, it’s a war crime,” skewering Obama and the ridiculous equivalency brigade. 

Maher gets it, but Obama still wants to play these talking games of everyone is responsible. 

No, Hamas is responsible for everything that happened after October 7 and they finally need to be held to account. 

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