June 19, 2024

In the wake of a brutal attack on Israel by Hamas, with hundreds of people killed and an unclear number of people kidnapped by the terrorists, there’s been another attack on Israelis, this time on a tourist bus in Alexandria, Egypt. 


Even worse, this attack was by someone that you would think would be protecting tourists rather than attacking them. Reportedly, it was an Egyptian policeman who opened fire on Israeli tourists who were on a bus at the tourist site. 

At least two Israelis and one Egyptian were killed in the attack. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said it was the local guide who had been killed. 

Another person, an Israeli, was reported wounded in the attack at Pompey’s Pillar. 

The attacker has allegedly been taken into custody. 

Video shows at least two people who look like they’ve been killed during the attack lying on the ground and one person who appeared to be wounded, with several Egyptians coming to their aid. 


Warning graphic images:

Egypt is now investigating. But that’s the last thing that anyone wanted to see, any kind of broadening of further attacks elsewhere. This was a reminder of another attack on an Israeli tourist bus in 1990 in Cairo, where nine Israelis were killed and many more were wounded. 

Expect more of this now, unfortunately, as it looks like all the crazy in the Middle East is about to be unleashed again. Thanks, Joe Biden, for your sterling leadership that has led us to this point by emboldening our enemies and the bad actors in the region. In retrospect, the period of historic peace efforts that we had under former President Donald Trump with the Abraham Accords now stands in sharp contrast to the current chaos, which is only likely to get worse under Biden. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to make deals with Iran and release the $6 billion that they had been kept from them? Just a thought. 


As we’ve noted, the Biden team was such a clown show they had no idea what was going on. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan bragged a week ago about the “quiet” he thought they’d brought to the Middle East. That was a comment that did not age well, as we can see now with the chaos that is now erupting. But that, unfortunately, does not bode well for the future when they’ve got it so wrong now. 

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