July 15, 2024

The Orlivka ferry crossing point in the Reni district of Odesa Oblast, which was temporarily out of service due to the Russian attack on the night of 26 September, has resumed operation.

Source: State Border Service of Ukraine

Details: The border guards announced the resumption of work at the checkpoint at 18:40 on 26 September.

Reference: Orlivka – Isaccea ferry crossing is a river ferry crossing across the Danube connecting Ukraine with Romania. There is an international checkpoint. The terminals are located near the village of Orlivka.


  • 26 out of 38 Shahed attack drones were shot down over Ukraine on the night of 25-26 September. There was a hit in the Danube area, damaging border infrastructure and burning vehicles.

  • The main strikes were aimed at the customs points and the accumulation areas of international transport for customs control, especially at the entrance to Ukraine; the defenders took the bus with children away before the strike.

  • Residents of the Romanian town of Isaccea, Tulcea County, witnessed Russia’s drone attack on the Danube ferry crossing between the Ukrainian city of Orlivka and Isaccea.

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