July 15, 2024

New rules restricting the export of drone components came into force in China on 1 September, and suppliers reduced sales of drones to Ukraine, giving China a covert influence on the war.

Source: The New York Times

Details: The New York Times noted that the fighting in Ukraine is a drone war. Therefore, there is a growing dependence on UAV suppliers, in particular China, as the cheap drones that have become all-pervasive on the front mainly come from China, the world’s largest producer of these devices.

This has given China covert influence in a war that is partly fought by consumer electronics.

As The New York Times stated, Chinese companies have cut back on sales of drones and drone parts to Ukrainians.

Chinese companies that still do sell often require buyers to use complex networks of intermediaries.

These obstacles in the “drone war” give Russia an advantage.

By June this year, Chinese companies had directly delivered drones to Ukraine for just over US$200,000. In the same period, Russia received at least US$14.5 million worth of drones from Chinese trading companies in direct deliveries.

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