July 15, 2024

On Monday, there was a new report that was almost unbelievable. 

The Biden team was considering releasing $10 billion more to Iran. The folks who chant “Death to America” and are trying to get nukes. The folks who have attacked our forces and assets more than 50 times in the past month. The folks who funded the Hamas terrorists who attacked Israel, killing more than 1,400 people, including Americans, and are holding Americans hostage. 


When confronted with the report, State Department spokesperson Matt Miller refused to comment. He wouldn’t even deny it, which pretty much tells you it’s probably true. And that’s scary — that we have such a delusional administration. 

We’ve written before about how the Biden State Department seems to wallow in ignorance when it comes to giving money to Iran. They protest it’s only going to be used for humanitarian aid while ducking the question of money being fungible. 

But given this new report, the AP’s Matt Lee, one of the few reporters willing to put the administration on the spot, cornered Miller on his refusal to admit money is fungible and that money released for “humanitarian aid” frees up other monies for use for terrorism. 

This has to be one of the most clueless responses ever. 

Miller claimed Iran had “always funded destabilizing regimes.” He claimed whether the waivers are issued or not for the humanitarian aid, Iran would continue to fund the destabilizing activities that they do. 


So why, then, would you ever release money that could even conceivably help them? That’s what Matt Lee was saying. 

Lee persisted in asking why Miller was refusing even to acknowledge the problem of fungibility of the money. 

Miller just refused delivery on reality, saying he “doesn’t agree” with what Lee was saying. 

No, giving money to our enemies is not the policy of the United States — except maybe under the Obama and Biden administrations. 

Miller argues that they’re going to commit terrorism anyway, so let’s cut the people some humanitarian aid. It’s bizarre. 

Plus, I’m sure any “aid” goes directly to the people and isn’t stolen or diverted. How naive and ridiculous are they? They’re providing our enemies money while they attack us and then doing a two-step fungibility dance to deny that it will have any effect. 

Our enemies are laughing at this and saying they will use the money however they want. 


Then his people wonder why Biden is plunging in the polls? Maybe take a look in the mirror and check what they are doing.

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