July 22, 2024

Czechia believes that negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU should begin this autumn or early next year.

Source: Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský during a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kyiv; ČTK has obtained his statement, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: “If Ukraine is in the European Union, it will be a clear guarantee of security because the European Union is also a peaceful project. However, Ukraine will indeed have to undergo changes and adapt its legislation to EU law. This is a long way to go,” Lipavský said.

Details: The official said Czechia’s position is clear: EU accession talks with Ukraine should commence in autumn or early next year.

“This is a technical process that will assess Ukraine’s readiness. It will become clear what Ukraine still needs to work on,” the Czech diplomat said.

The minister stressed that Europe has an interest in Ukraine adopting all the necessary standards and adapting its legal system.

Lipavský said the meeting of EU ministers in Kyiv was not just symbolic. “This is a practical example of the fact that we are discussing practical solutions on the ground, in a country under a brutal Russian attack, on what we can do next to ensure peace in Europe,” the minister said.


  • In late October, the European Commission is expected to issue an enlargement report, providing its assessment of whether Ukraine has implemented the seven recommendations it received with the candidate status in June last year.

  • The implementation of the recommendations is crucial for the opening of accession negotiations between Ukraine and the EU.

  • In a conversation with the new EU Ambassador, Katarína Mathernová, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed to fulfil the seven criteria of the European Commission within a month.

  • Olha Stefanishyna, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, stated that there is a general consensus in the EU to open accession talks between Ukraine and the EU, albeit that work with the capitals will precede the final decision.

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