July 14, 2024

The Ministry of Defence will propose to the leadership of Ukraine a strategy for the development of the Ukrainian army of the future, the Future Force Concept, after the end of the war.

Source: Ukrinform and Interfax Ukraine, citing Rustem Umierov, the Minister of Defence, at the Defence Industries Forum

Quote: “The Future Force Concept will be a very important document. My colleagues have already started to develop it, but in order to move forward, we will have to analyse what our current situation is, how many people we have, and how many capabilities we have. After that, conduct consultations with all branches [of the army – ed.], defence and security forces and look at the NATO status, security guarantees, national capabilities, regional security guarantees and international security guarantees. And after that, we will propose to the leadership of Ukraine … to approve this vision.”

Details: Umierov said that Ukraine will proceed from its own interests, develop and propose a new architecture of internal and global security.

Regarding developing the domestic defence industry, Umierov said that Ukraine’s vision is to develop world-class military products and services.

The minister said that Ukraine wants to produce military products and services of very high quality that can be scaled and “cover all of Ukraine’s needs now”.

“And further, after the war’s end, it will be exported,” Umierov emphasised.

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