July 15, 2024

Here they go again. The left-wing activist media is trotting out one of their favorite tropes about former President Donald Trump after his Veterans Day speech ignited nationwide triggering among progressive circles.


Once again, far-leftists are running around on social media calling Trump Hitler for comments he made during the speech, hoping desperately that this time, the label will stick. And what did Trump say that has these people all in a tizzy?

Near the end of his speech, the former president indicated that he would fight back against the left-wing authoritarians in America’s institutions.

“We pledge to you that we will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country that lie and steal and cheat on elections. They’ll do anything, whether legally or illegally, to destroy America and to destroy the American Dream.”

The former president also indicated that the threat from foreign countries is less urgent than domestic threats:

“The threat from outside forces is far less sinister, dangerous, and grave than the threat from within. Our threat is from within. Because if you have a capable, competent, smart, tough leader, Russia, China, North Korea, they’re not going to want to play with us.”


After hearing these remarks, progressives in the media rushed to their laptops and cameras to give breathless, handwringing diatribes about how this means Trump is the second coming of Der Führer.

The Washington Post published a report about Trump’s comments in which several different progressive figures chimed in on why this somehow means the former president is basically a fascist dictator at this point.

“The language is the language that dictators use to instill fear,” said Timothy Naftali, a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. “When you dehumanize an opponent, you strip them of their constitutional rights to participate securely in a democracy because you’re saying they’re not human. That’s what dictators do.”

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a historian at New York University, said in an email to The Washington Post that “calling people ‘vermin’ was used effectively by Hitler and Mussolini to dehumanize people and encourage their followers to engage in violence.”

“Trump is also using projection: note that he mentions all kinds of authoritarians ‘communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical left’ to set himself up as the deliverer of freedom,” Ben-Ghiat said. “Mussolini promised freedom to his people too and then declared dictatorship.”


Not to be outdone, MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter wrote a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, in which he also made the obligatory Hitler reference.

MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan also gave his two cents:

“From punishing his political opponents to locking up immigrants in camps to deploying the military – all while echoing the hateful rhetoric of Hitler – we know what we can expect if [Trump] retakes the White House.”

So, where were these supposed purveyors of democracy when President Joe Biden stood up in front of a reddish dystopian background and proceeded to tell the entire nation that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic” and further demonized Americans who voted against him?


Did any of these handwringers have anything to say when the Justice Department was weaponized against parents concerned about what was happening in their children’s schools? I don’t remember any of these feckless hypocrites complaining about the effort to label these people as “domestic terrorists,” do you?

What about the ongoing efforts of the FBI to target pro-life activists and others who hold right-leaning views? What about the Bureau pushing the Russia collusion hoax to target Trump?

Apparently, saying things the left doesn’t like constitutes fascism and Hitler, but actually using the government to target political opponents is just fine. This is yet another reason why none of us should take these people seriously.

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