July 22, 2024

Democrats are not handling polling showing deep concerns about President Joe Biden’s age very well. In fact, they have become downright desperate to assure the American public that despite his apparent cognitive difficulties, Biden remains the right man for the job.


Unfortunately for Democrats, Biden has displayed a remarkable lack of cognitive function on occasions that are too numerous to list in this article. He has made gaffe after gaffe and has shown confusion when it is time for him to leave the stage after a speech or press conference. In some public appearances, he has inexplicably wandered off as if he were lost.

Lately, left-leaning influencers on social media have been trying to mitigate the impact of Biden’s age by pretending that former President Donald Trump, who has the best chance of securing the GOP nomination so far, has the same issues.


I’ll be blunt: This strategy is not going to work.

Democrats’ efforts to equate Trump’s gaffes with those of the president are not resonating with the American electorate. Several polls have shown that voters are highly concerned about Biden’s ability to continue serving as president due to his age. Nobody actually believes that Trump is experiencing the same mental decline as Biden despite being in his late 70s.

The former president misspeaks just as other politicians, who are constantly in front of the camera, have done. Yet, he never seems confused when he ends a speech. He knows exactly where to go. Moreover, Trump’s team has never had to be wary of him stumbling or falling when climbing stairs or in any other circumstance.

On the other hand, the world has seen bumbling Biden struggle to form coherent sentences or keep himself from rambling on and on about subjects that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. Even Democrats see that all is not right in Bidenland.


But, it is fair to ask: What other strategy could those on the left employ to assuage worries about Biden’s age? There is only so much they can do, after all. Biden is not going to stop showing his cognitive decline, and Democrats won’t be able to get away with hiding him in a basement as they did during the 2020 race. The best they can do is try to gaslight the nation into believing that Trump and Biden are in the same boat. Unfortunately for them, this plan will be about as effective as trying to breathe underwater.

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