July 15, 2024

Egypt’s health ministry says 38 people have been injured in a huge fire at a police complex in Ismailia.

Twenty-four people have been treated in hospital for smoke inhalation along with two for burns.

The interior minister has ordered an investigation into the fire, along with a “structural safety review” of the facility.

There have been no reports of any casualties, or if any detainees were there when the fire began.

Fifty ambulances were sent to the headquarters of the Directorate of Security along with two military aircraft. Twelve of the injured were not taken to hospital and were treated at the scene.

There are fears that the number of people hurt could be higher, with one Egyptian journalist reporting that because of the size of the fire, there could be deaths.

Two witnesses who spoke to the Reuters news agency said that firefighters initially struggled to get the fire under control, but local media says that after more than three hours they did manage to contain it.

Deadly fires are not uncommon in Egypt due to fire codes rarely being enforced and slow emergency response times. In August last year, a fire caused by a short circuit killed 41 people in a church in Cairo.

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