July 19, 2024

On-the-house educational extras are generally jollily enjoyed, and select northeastern college freshmen have just been served a seminar with no strings attached. 


Well, maybe a single string.

For those unfamiliar with Colgate University, the 1819-founded private liberal arts school is located in Hamilton, New York. Boasting roughly 3200 enrollees, it’s considered one of the “Hidden Ivies” — 63 “top liberal arts colleges and universities” picked by an educational guide of the same name.

From Crimson Education

The Hidden Ivies encompass a diverse range of colleges and universities across the United States that uphold the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty expertise, and student success. … [They] are known for their vibrant, inclusive communities that promote intellectual curiosity, personal growth, and social engagement.

On the topic of crimson education — and as part of that growth and engagement — last week, Colgate offered students a seminar prompted by cotton-picking calamity. As advertised on the school website:

Queering Menstruation

Exploring Transgender and Nonbinary Adolescents’ Experiences With Menstruation and Gender Identity

One might reckon menstrual maladies would long have been nipped in the bud by college-age clotters. But apparently, a periodic reminder of how to handle Aunt Flow’s visit is vital — especially if overtly vascular vaginas are attached to gushers who aren’t girls. 

September 19th’s event — led by Dr. Lindsay Toman and R. Hunsicker — was informatively described. As it turns out, a potential birthing person’s uterine lining plunging through a pelvic port is sometimes — yea, even often — linked to ladies. And that’s unfortunate:


Menstruation can be exceptionally difficult for nonbinary and trans-masculine individuals because it’s a biological process that is often times associated with womanhood. Menstruation acts as a reminder of the areas of the body that trigger gender dysphoria, making the suppression of menstruation a key factor in gender affirmation. 

Suppression sounds dangerous; should the plug have been pulled on the period symposium? Not a chance; it’s absorbing negativity:

Queering menstruation can hopefully aid the building of more positive relationships between periods and trans and/or nonbinary people.

Further details about the forum were not leaked.

Transgenderism — the idea that one can become a being in opposition to one’s sex — has colossally caught on. So has the theory that we all have three options: Man, Woman, or Neither. Such new notions are seeing incredible institutional embrace:

Major News Outlet Reports on Nude Transgender Singer and ‘Her Penis’

LGBT Ecologists Ogle Racist Parks, Nonbinary Frogs, and the Importance of Public Places for Gay Sex

Scientific American: The Racist Myth of Binary Sex Wasn’t Invented ‘Til Nearly 1800

Harvard Trains Medical Students to Treat Transgender ‘Infants’

Naked 80-Year-Old Protests a Biological Male in Her YMCA Shower, Gets Banned for Bigotry

‘Nonbinary Gender Affirming’ Doctors Offer Sexual ‘Nullification’ Surgery


Church Pastor Claims Jesus ‘Transgenders Himself’ in the Bible

Colgate University is keeping up with the times. And for any unconvinced of the school’s high esteem, it was chosen as a 2017 oratory venue by Joe Biden. At the time, the former USVP was riddled with regret:

“I had planned on running for president (in 2016). [D]o I regret not being president? Yes. I was the best qualified.”

“Although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won,” jawed Joe.

Speaking of installed things made of white fluff and plastic and controlled by strings, tampons are just one of many components in Colgate’s brush-up on woke sexuality. The school hosted a September 12th discussion titled “Beyond the Binary in the Animal Kingdom.” 

Per the promotion:

In biological terms, sex refers to biological characteristics like gametes, chromosomes and specific anatomy. Though rarely discussed, biological sex in the animal kingdom isn’t always constant. Instead, environmental factors like temperature, time, and even the sex of one’s partner can impact an animal’s sex. In addition, over 1,500 animal species engage in same-sex relations for a variety of important reasons. In this seminar, we explore some of these examples that take us beyond the binary and into the rainbow of the animal kingdom.

According to The Hidden Ivies, Colgate University has “scaled the heights of prestige and selectivity.” It’s an impressive feat for a school originally known as the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York. The institution was presumably once solely focused on academics; but like nearly all institutions of higher learning, it has modernized by adopting an in-style emphasis: social indoctrination and leftward ideology.


Back to its admirable work in the area of problematic periods, Colgate is doing what Colgate has long been known to do: fight gross cavities.


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