July 15, 2024

X social media platform owner Elon Musk and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have been in a bit of a battle, going back and forth on social media, for some months now. 


But over the past couple of days, the battle has heated up again — over the issue of illegal aliens flooding into the country and the failure of the Biden administration to do anything to stop the flow. 

AOC made a ridiculous comment about Ellis Island, saying millions flooded through there, as though the fact that there was a lot of legal immigration was a justification for the chaos of illegal entry that we have now. 

Musk shot back that she was “just not very smart.” 

Then AOC had a meltdown about that, listing her “achievements,” as limited and pitiful as they are, to a man who has done so much. 

None of what she said rebutted his claim about not being very smart. 

Then Elon went to the border and put out a citizen journalist video, meeting with Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) and local law enforcement officials. 


That disturbed AOC, who chastised Gonzales for not being back in D.C. and “joyriding with a billionaire.” That was a subtweet aimed at Elon. 

Of course, many reminded Ocasio-Cortez of her crying and posturing about “kids in cages” when former President Donald Trump was in office. They saw the irony in her remarks, which sounded like she didn’t give a darn about the border crisis, now that Joe Biden is in charge. 

Now, Musk has clapped back on AOC’s meltdown about saying she was not very smart, and it’s everything you would want it to be. 

Then he continued. 

“First, please allow me to congratulate you on these epic achievements,” Musk said sarcastically.  “However, have you considered, rather than “funeral assistance”, that FEMA focus its funding on preventing funerals in the first place?”


Now, that’s a truly funny clap back, dinting her with fake praise about her achievements. Imagine her bragging about “investigating” Michael Cohen. It shows how at a loss she is, versus a man who has achieved so much. Indeed, she still is driving one of his Teslas, although she’s been posturing for over a year about getting rid of it. 

But Elon has a point, just as he has a point about the illegal aliens flooding across the border as well. 

Why does a billionaire care more about the issue and America then a person who has a Constitutional obligation to serve and protect the country? That says a lot right there about how little AOC and the Democrats care about the harm being done with this crisis. 

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