July 19, 2024

The EU is providing an additional 100 million euros ($107.2 million) for humanitarian aid operations in Ukraine and 10 million euros ($10.7 million) to support Ukrainian refugees and their hosting in Moldova, the European Commission announced in a press release on Nov. 14.

“The latest allocation brings the total for EU humanitarian aid in response to Russia’s war in Ukraine to 843 million euros ($904 million),” the European Commission said.

The funding will go to humanitarian partners who provide necessities like shelter, healthcare, food, water, psychological social support, and cash assistance.

The EU is also sending 84 more power generators to Ukraine due to Russian attacks on the energy system, bringing the total number of generators sent to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism to over 5,000.

The EU is also coordinating private-sector donations of energy equipment, the press release said.

Russia began a campaign of mass strikes on Ukraine’s energy system last year on Oct. 10 and continued to target the power system until spring, bringing the heating and power networks to a near-total collapse.

Ukraine’s military intelligence said on Nov. 6 that Russia is currently “waiting for the temperature to drop below zero” before launching mass strikes on Ukraine’s energy system.

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