July 15, 2024

Spoiler: When Joe Biden loses the lapdog-media sock puppets, he’s already lost the country.

NBC “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie has a long history of carrying water for the Democrat Party, but, inexplicably, her willingness to attempt to hold Biden administration officials accountable causes one — this one, anyway — to ponder: 


Who is this person and what has she done with Savannah Guthrie?

Such was the case on Wednesday when Guthrie blistered (respectfully, or of course) Secretary of State Antony Blinken — among the most inept members of the disastrous Biden administration — over Joe’s multibillion-dollar ransom payment to Iran for the release of five wrongly imprisoned Americans, and open-checkbook policy on Ukraine

So Guthrie wondered aloud whether unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian oil-sales funds in exchange for the release of the Americans created “the thornier issue, of course, is at what cost,” and if it “put[s] higher prices” on the “heads” of Americans in the future.

I mean, already the U.S. has committed $113 billion in 18 months to help Ukraine. How sustainable is this level of support when there’s really no end in sight to the war, no hint there’s any talk of diplomacy among the two parties, and there doesn’t seem to be a strategy for victory. So, this could just go on and on and on. And how much are you concerned that — peop — about war fatigue? That people will not want to continue to be able to give this much support to Ukraine?

Blinken, being Blinken, did a double backflip off the highboard in response and landed a bellyflop.

Well, first, just over the last year, Ukrainians have taken back more than 50 percent of the territory that Putin seized from them going back to February of 2022. But to the point of sustainability, what we’re, working on, what dozens of other countries are working on, is a plan to be able to support Ukraine for the long term but in a sustainable way. 

On the margins of the NATO summit a couple months ago, we had countries come together to say we’re going to look at how we can help Ukrainians build their own military and build it so that it’s a force for the future that can deter aggression, that can defend against aggression coming down the road.


Look, while I’m among those who support Ukraine defending itself — as should all decent Americans — how many times has this country been mired in nation-building — or nation-preserving — endeavors, only to eventually toss in the proverbial towel, with zero to show for it, if not lost American lives?

Afghanistan was unavailable for comment.

In response to Guthrie’s follow-up question about how long Blinken sees the Russia-Ukraine war continuing, including the open-checkbook policy of the Biden administration, the (arguably) most inept secretary of state in modern history replied:

Well, first, it’s important to note this. Putin’s already failed in what he was trying to achieve because, remember, Savannah. His goal was to erase Ukraine from the map, to end its status as an independent country, to subsume it into Russia. That has failed. Now, exactly where the lines are drawn? 

That’s going to be up to the Ukrainians. But there’s a big difference here. Ukrainians are fighting for their own country, for their own land, for their own future. The Russians are not. At the end of the day, I think that is the biggest difference maker.


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Mr. Secretary — and I’m not a fan of playing the whataboutism card — if the Biden administration — clearly including you — was half as much interested in fighting for our land as helping Ukrainians fight for theirs, America would be a far safer place.


Did I mention that Joe Biden was unavailable for comment?

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