July 22, 2024

Boris Pistorius, Federal Minister of Defence of Germany, has indirectly confirmed reports that Germany will double military aid to Kyiv by 2024, calling the plans “a strong signal to Ukraine that we will not leave it”.

Source: DW, citing Pistorius on air of the national TV channel ARD, as reported by European Pravda.

In this way, Pistorius indirectly confirmed reports by ARD and Bild am Sonntag that the support should be increased from four to eight billion euros in 2024.

“We don’t want to be in a situation next year when we have to make additional demands when it matters,” Pistorius said.

That is why the increase in aid is an important signal, “especially now, when Ukraine must continue its struggle, and at the same time part of the public’s attention around the world is more focused on Israel,” Pistorius said.

The sources say that the decision on additional aid for Ukraine will be made at the next meeting of the budget committee of the Bundestag, which will begin on Thursday.

The ruling coalition, consisting of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Free Democratic Party and Alliance 90/The Greens, have already reached an agreement on this.


  • Initially, the German Finance Ministry provided only €4 billion for military aid to Kyiv in the federal budget 2024. However, almost all of this money was earmarked for already promised support projects, while only €120 million remained for new aid from the German Ministry of Defence.

  • The German Defence Ministry became concerned and demanded that an additional €5 billion be allocated during the current budget negotiations. As a result, it was agreed to add another €4 billion to the budget for next year to support Ukraine.

  • In October, the German government reported on the delivery of its latest package of military aid to Ukraine, which included air defence equipment, ammunition and armoured personnel carriers.

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