July 15, 2024

California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently participated in an interview in which the subject of abortion came up. When asked about his position on the procedure, he dodged the question like Neo evading gunfire in the Matrix.


The question came up during a conversation with CNN’s Dana Bash when the host asked about Newsom’s thoughts on former President Donald Trump’s recent comments claiming that Democrats support abortion up until the moment of birth, and even after the baby is born.

Here is the exchange:

BASH: But, there has to be some kind — well, let me just talk about your State of California.


BASH: As you well know, there is a law on the books that preceded you that says that you can have an abortion up until viability, which is about 24 weeks.

NEWSOM: That’s right.

BASH: Is that something that you support personally?

NEWSOM: That’s in statute in the State of California. That said, there was a constitutional amendment that we placed on the ballot that has some nuance in it. And so that’s an area that’s been adjudicated in public opinion, and likely will ultimately be adjudicated in the courts.

BASH: So, is it the government’s role then? I know you said it is up to women.

NEWSOM: It’s our role to make that decision.

BASH: So, there should be nothing on the books?

NEWSOM: This is a canard. This is a false flag. This is where they need to go in order to get out of the mess they’ve created, because they don’t believe in fundamental choice and freedom for women. They don’t. Period. Full stop. And this whole issue is a political issue. And so, with respect, I’m not surprised that Donald Trump is saying this.

This is exactly what you hear every single one of them saying next week down at the Reagan Library. And at the end of the day, those examples are so extreme, so rare, when you have literally viability issues that are deeply personal and painful. Others have said it more eloquently than I have — after you picked out the name of the baby, and then you’re forced to make this terrible decision at the end of term and to exploit that for political purposes is offensive.

BASH: I just want to be clear, because people are going to be listening very carefully to what you’re saying.


BASH: You do not believe it is the role of government nationally or state government to have any limits on the books legally.

NEWSOM: The State of California has long believed in viability. I’ve long believed in viability. We went forward with a constitutional amendment that’s created some questions as it relates to this. My point is, no one wants to see late, late-term abortions. No one is out there promoting that. That’s what the Democratic Party’s position is. It’s what my personal position is.

In those rare and — extremely rare and personal circumstances, one thing I absolutely believe, Donald Trump shouldn’t be making that decision. I should not be making that decision. That’s a decision for the mother, the would-be mother and for her doctor, and for whomever member of her family or priests believes that’s the right thing to do. And beyond that, with all due respect, I call BS on this whole debate. It is purely a political canard.


On Sunday, Trump discussed abortion during an interview on NBC News in which he said that Democrats believe that “after five months, six months, seven months, eight months, nine months, and even after birth, you’re allowed to terminate the baby.”

Other Democratic politicians, such as Vice President Kamala Harris have also avoided the question regarding limits on abortion.

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