July 15, 2024

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers (government) has started work on a unified Plan of Reforms to 2027 which will cover the economy, its interaction with citizens, and areas impacting state institutions.

Source: Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, during a government meeting on 3 October

Quote: “We are starting work on a unified Plan of Reforms to 2027. The plan will cover all areas that impact state institutions, the economy, and interaction with citizens,” Shmyhal said.

He added that Ukraine has received a number of documents containing proposals for reforms from its partners, ranging from the seven EU recommendations to the IMF’s list of structural benchmarks. These and other proposals and initiatives will be combined into a single roadmap for change.

Shmyhal reminded ministers that a Concept for Strengthening the Sustainability of Democracy has been developed at the initiative of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The document was handed over to US President Joe Biden during Zelenskyy’s visit to the United States.

“We are now starting work on creating a single document – a road map of reforms – based on the Concept of Strengthening Sustainability, taking our partners’ proposals into account,” the Prime Minister said.

The reform plan will become part of the future Ukrainian doctrine whose principles have been outlined by Zelenskyy. The document is to include goals such as the development of state institutions, the development of a competitive economy, and the strengthening of interaction between the state, the business environment, and civil society.

The Concept of Strengthening the Sustainability of Democracy states that the following are essential to repel the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine and to prevent the now-dismantled oligarchic and corrupt influence from being restored:

  • guarantees of the sustainability of democracy in Ukraine and a final clear-out of oligarchic and corrupt influence;

  • development of  competition, demonopolisation, and the fair distribution of resources belonging to the Ukrainian people;

  • transparent mechanisms of interaction with the state which are based on citizens’ ability to influence the development of political decisions and shape the course of the country.

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