July 15, 2024

Just when you think national politics couldn’t get any more surreal, Hillary Clinton, Dowager-Empress of Chappaqua, gets something right. Yes, really. She is now on record supporting Israel’s destruction of Hamas.


Satan may be feeling some chilblains just about now.

In “The Atlantic,” the former Secretary of State said:

One morning in November 2012, I knocked on the door of President Barack Obama’s suite in the Raffles Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, so early that he was barely out of bed. I had an urgent question that could not wait for the president to finish his morning coffee: Should we try to broker a cease-fire in Gaza? Then, like now, the extreme Islamist terror group Hamas had sparked a crisis by indiscriminately attacking Israeli civilians. Israel had responded with air strikes, and a ground invasion of Gaza appeared imminent.

The president and I debated whether I should leave Asia, fly to the Middle East, and try to negotiate a halt to the fighting before the situation escalated further. The reason to go was clear: Stopping the violence would save lives and prevent the conflict from spiraling into a wider regional war.

The reasons not to go were more nuanced but also compelling. President Obama and I were both wary of suggesting that Israel did not have a right and a responsibility to defend itself against terrorists. If Hamas did not face consequences for its attacks, it would be emboldened to carry out more.


So, way back in 2012, the beginnings of what is happening now were becoming obvious to anyone with eyes to see. This, again, is factually correct; any cease-fire just gives the bad guys time to rest, recover, and re-arm.

This isn’t the first time Mrs. Clinton has actually talked some sense on this issue, as my colleague Nick Arama recently pointed out. But let’s not get carried away; this is still the same Hillary Clinton that not only cashed in big-time on amazingly prescient cattle futures trades, along with her husband, made a ton of money on shady real estate projects, and looked the other way as her husband not only fooled around with an intern but who was also accused of rape. She also looked aside while this same husband made an untold number of flights to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedo Island.” 

Finally, she is also the woman who compared President Trump to Hitler while indulging in serial whining about how she was robbed of her rightful place in the 2016 election by “Russian interference.”

It was her turn, dammit!

Here’s the thing: Even though Hillary Clinton is right in this instance, and she deserves to be recognized as such, that doesn’t in any way mitigate the many, many times she’s been laughably, hilariously wrong on… well, almost everything. She remains as she was: a deeply and fundamentally corrupt figure, a troubled woman with a Brobdignagian sense of entitlement, who views a bit over half of the citizens of the nation as a “basket of deplorables.” We should never lose sight of what a truly horrible person Mrs. Clinton was, is, and always will be. Given that, it’s OK to feel a little schadenfreude at her having people walk out on one of her speeches, even if they are on the wrong side of the issue.


Even so — if the whole Israel/Hamas issue is so clear-cut that even a serial dissembler like Hillary Clinton admits the obvious, then it’s possible that airborne pigs may also be a reality. Keep an eye on the sky, folks. If pigs are indeed flying, a good umbrella is in order.

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