July 16, 2024

The European Union will send a mission to Ukraine at the beginning of December, which will present the EU’s proposals regarding obligations in the field of security for Ukraine.

Source: This was stated by Josep Borrell, the head of EU diplomacy, after a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Ministers Council of the European Union in Brussels, a correspondent of European Pravda reports.

Quote: “You know that European leaders entrusted me with the task at the last European Council to construct security obligations from the EU to Ukraine. We are working on this with the member states. At the beginning of the month, I will send a mission to Ukraine to discuss our proposal with the Ukrainians,” said Borrell.

He added that he “would be happy” to visit Kyiv himself if he had the opportunity.

“In any case, my deputy for security and defence will come to Ukraine with a presentation of proposals that the member states are still discussing,” the head of European diplomacy noted, adding that EU leaders will discuss this topic at a meeting in December.

At a summit on 27 October, the leaders of the EU member states tasked Borrell “on the basis of the framework to be approved by the Council” to hold consultations with Ukraine on the future obligations of the EU in the field of security and to report on their results at the meeting of the European Council in December.

At the summit in June, EU leaders expressed their readiness to contribute to future security commitments to Ukraine and consider approaches to such a contribution.

Borrell previously spoke of plans to allocate €20 billion to the European Peace Fund as part of these “security guarantees”. However, according to the media, his intentions met with resistance from some EU countries and may not be implemented in their current form.

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