July 13, 2024

If I were asked to create a two-word catchphrase to describe the American Democrat Party, among my final considerations would likely be: Words Matter. 

And, yes, with “Words” italicized, because untold numbers of examples abound that clearly demonstrate words are far more important to the Democrat schtick than actions — particularly if the actions required to back up the words lead to unintended consequences that negatively impact Democrats.


So it turns out that a number of Chicago Democrat officials aren’t at all interested in putting the city’s money where its mouth is — or more correctly, where collective Democrat mouths have been in the past.

Illegal Aliens Hit the Windy City

For the sake of relative brevity, our tale begins in early September.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson vociferously whined to the city council about a $300 million plan to move roughly 2,000 illegal aliens (ingeniously bused to the city by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, as part of his Operation Lone Star, created to ship illegals to Democrat-run “sanctuary cities”) from police stations across the city to tents — the apparent Democrat panacea for “housing” homeless people in general.

Incidentally, how wack must Chicago Democrats be to elect Brandon Johnson mayor, after properly kicking disastrous Lori Lightfoot to the curb?

Anyway, two city aldermen now want voters to decide if Chicago should remain a sanctuary city.

Here’s more:

Aldermen Anthony Beale and Anthony Napolitano have forwarded a resolution that calls for adding a referendum to the March 19 presidential primary ballot that asks residents for their take on whether Chicago should remain a safe haven for the thousands of migrants and refugees seeking asylum here.

The proposal calls for a ballot yes-or-no proposition that asks: “Should the City of Chicago continue to keep its designation as a Sanctuary City?”


Napolitano wrote the following on Facebook. The emphasis is mine.

The Resolution creates a ballot referendum where residents (YOU) can decide if Chicago should remain a sanctuary city. The ordinance we created requires Aldermanic approval for Any & All [sic] temporary illegal-immigrant housing within their ward.

The illegal-immigrant [sic] crisis is quickly spiraling out of control, and the hardworking residents of Chicago are left holding the bag. Our residents and the integrity of their neighborhoods need to remain our top priority!

Mind-blowing Democrat irony and hypocrisy at its “best.” Overrun southern border towns like El Paso would like a word, Mr. Napolitano.

Alderman Beale blasted the “sanctuary city” idea during an interview with a Chicago radio station, calling it from a “different time and different era.”

[Becoming a sanctuary city] “was never done under the climate we have now. We weren’t spending … $600 million a year for illegal migrants to come into the communities like they are now. I think it has really outlasted its existence. If we are going to continue to spend this kind of money, I think the people should have a voice if we should continue to have this designation or not.


Imagine that. Even a Democrat official calls the Biden Border Crisis “illegal.”

The Bottom Line

The Democrat Party’s “Good for thee, but not for me” reality has never been clearer. 

From backtracking on the insane “Defund the Police” movement — after violent crime rates soared ever higher, leading some wealthy Democrats to hire personal security guards — to the never-ending border crisis, which was intentionally caused by Joe Biden, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. 

2024 matters; let’s not screw it up.

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