July 22, 2024

Another report suggests that Hamas does not care about civilians living in Gaza. As the war between Israel and the terrorist group continues, Palestinian civilians are experiencing perilous conditions as Hamas uses them as human shields and prevents them from fleeing the area.


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed it tried to send fuel to Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza but was rebuffed because Hamas did not allow the facility to accept the badly needed fuel.

Israeli troops on Sunday advanced in the northern Gaza Strip, capturing an urban area near Beit Hanoun as fierce fighting continued around Shifa Hospital and Israel maintained it was working to ensure that civilians and patients were unharmed in the battles.

The Israel Defense Forces said it had supplied 300 liters of fuel to Shifa Hospital, in coordination with its staff, but that Hamas had prevented the embattled medical center from accepting it.

The event played out as fierce fighting continued around Shifa Hospital and Israel maintained it was working to ensure that civilians and patients were unharmed in the battles. The army has accused Hamas of having its main base of operations under Shifa Hospital, and has called on Palestinian civilians in the area, as well as in the entire north Gaza, to evacuate south.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the IDF showed footage of its attempted delivery to the hospital.

Our troops risked their lives to hand-deliver 300 liters of fuel to the Shifa hospital for urgent medical purposes.

Hamas forbade the hospital from taking it.

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry has been warning for weeks that its hospitals are running out of fuel. If so, why would they prevent the hospital from receiving it?


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also remarked on the situation, affirming the IDF’s assertion that it offered fuel to the hospital, which had to suspend operations because it did not have power. When asked by reporters whether the allegations that Hamas maintained a command post under the facility justified endangering the lives of patients, he responded: “On the contrary, we offered actually, last night, to give them enough fuel to operate the hospital, operate the incubators and so on, because we (have) no battle with patients or civilians at all.”

This raises the obvious question: Why would Hamas refuse to allow Shifa Hospital to accept fuel, especially when patients are in dire need of medical treatment? Perhaps it is for the same reason that the terrorist group refuses to allow Palestinian civilians to flee the region to avoid getting caught in the crossfire of the bloody war, going so far as to gun them down in front of the hospital as they tried to flee?


Of course it is. Hamas wants Palestinian civilians killed. They care nothing for the plight of the noncombatants who are suffering because of the war the terrorists started. Indeed, a recent report showed that Hamas operatives beat up Gazans to steal their food.

Hamas’ primary concern is fighting Israel and bringing about their extremist utopia in which the Jewish nation does not exist and the Jewish people in the region are exterminated. This is yet another reason why a ceasefire won’t work. Diplomacy cannot be done with an organization that wants nothing more than your total destruction and is willing to kill its own people to do so.

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