July 13, 2024

While there is room for the US to continue supporting Ukraine, most of the security assistance has already been provided, so Congress needs to take action.

Source: a statement by Matthew Miller, US State Department spokesperson, at a briefing on 2 October; Holos Ameryky (Voice of America); Miller on Twitter (X)

Details: Miller did not specify how long the US would be able to provide assistance to Ukraine without a corresponding decision of Congress.

He noted that the White House is disappointed that “despite long-standing and strong bipartisan support for Ukraine as it fights back against Russia’s invasion, the continuing resolution that passed Congress on Saturday, did not include desperately needed support”.

Miller said that “strong majorities in both houses of Congress support continued assistance to Ukraine because this is not simply about Ukraine”.

Miller also stressed that suspending aid to Ukraine could be much more costly and dangerous for the American people: “We must continue to put Ukraine in the strongest possible position to defend itself. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow America’s support for Ukraine to be interrupted. Our allies, our adversaries and the world will be watching”.

Quote from Miller: “While we have some remaining drawdown authority that we can draw on to continue to provide security assistance to Ukraine in the short term – in fact, we have another drawdown package coming in the coming days – USAI funding has been suspended, FMF [Foreign Military Financing – ed.] funding has been suspended. Those are contracting programs that allow us to contract for Ukraine’s — in the long term. So we’re not able to do that without further action by Congress.

It is about the world we want to live in.  If we allow authoritarians like President Putin to do whatever they want to other sovereign countries, then the whole UN Charter will be shredded, and we are going to live in a world where this kind of aggression can happen anywhere, anytime.”

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