July 19, 2024

Joe Biden had a rare late night on Thursday, appearing at the 46th Annual Gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. 

As he began to speak, it was immediately obvious why the president rarely does evening events. He continually screwed up his own “MAGA Republican” insult, calling them “mega” Republicans instead. It wasn’t his senility that was noteworthy, though. Rather, it was a series of insane claims he made. 


Let’s start with this one on the deficit because it’s maybe the mildest one. Yes, I’ve got another example coming that is simply mindblowing, but patience is a virtue.

Biden bragging about reducing the deficit is like a gambling addict losing their house and bragging that they don’t have to pay the mortgage anymore. The United States government is currently on pace to have an over $2 trillion deficit for the current year, and it’d be even higher if Republicans hadn’t forced some barely-there spending freezes during the last spending battle. 

Have deficits technically fallen from their peak during the Biden administration? Yes, but that’s because the president ran up the deficit in 2021 to eye-watering levels with an infrastructure bill and the American Rescue Act, both of which have been complete boondoggles. There was a time in the not-to-distant past when a $1 trillion deficit was a historic high. For Biden to try to take credit for “lowering” the deficit to $2 trillion is crazy. 


Moving on, the president also claimed that he has beaten “Big Pharma.”

While this isn’t the most egregious falsehood stated in his speech, it’s pretty darn close. Recall that under Joe Biden, the federal government has paid pharmaceutical companies tens of billions of dollars for COVID-19 vaccines. Never mind the money spent on therapeutics, tests, and masks. No one in history has enriched Big Pharma more than Joesph Ronibette Binden.

With that said, I told you that I would save the best for last, and I’m going to deliver. Here is what the president had to say about the Southern border crisis. 

It’s just unbelievable. How can someone lie so easily without feeling shame? I don’t even know what he’s talking about. Usually, you’d try to couch a lie in some half-truth in order to pass it off, but there’s literally nothing to back up what he’s saying. Republicans did absolutely nothing to “gut” the immigration system. There was no legislation that did such, and Donald Trump did not dismantle any part of the enforcement mechanisms either. 


As to the second statement claiming that Republicans “continue to undermine border security today,” I again have no idea what he’s talking about. Republicans have begged the administration and Democrats in Congress to accept spending for increased enforcement. Instead, the Biden administration has opened the floodgates, quickly literally in some instances. 

The current president is responsible for the border crisis. Full stop. Any suggestion otherwise is absolutely bonkers. As I’ve said before, Biden is a sociopath. That’s how he’s able to say the things he does with a straight face, but in the end, no one is buying them.

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