July 22, 2024

It’s truly a testament to the dumpster fire that is Democrat politics in California that Rep. Katie Porter is even a thing. Reports have revealed her to be a psychotic figure who allegedly verbally and physically abuses those within her orbit. Yet, she’s still treated as some ascendant figure whose brilliance is evidenced by her affinity for whiteboards. 


We are talking about a woman who blamed a wounded warrior serving on her staff for giving her COVID-19. She then berated and fired the person despite the fact that she had no actual evidence to back her charge. Two weeks later, Porter put up a video with the very same staffer promoting how much she supposedly loves veterans. 

Then there were the domestic violence claims. In them, Porter allegedly poured a scalding bowl of potatoes on her then-husband’s head. She was also accused of physically striking him.

Despite all that, The Washington Post is still doing glowing profiles on Porter. But what was meant to further fluff her fledging Senate candidacy only managed to serve as another indicator of just how terrible of a person she is. 

Power is what Porter wanted when she ran for office — the power to confront cheating corporations, to make the government responsive to the people. A “durable majority” of Democrats in Congress is what Porter wants now. She’s fed up with the party’s struggle to keep its head above water. “We’re going backwards in terms of the number of Democratic women” in the Senate, she told me. “To me, equality is not electing Joni Ernst‚” the Republican senator from Iowa. “Like, that’s not helping.”

Imagine being a supposed unbiased reporter and writing that paragraph with a straight face. Porter just wanted power so she could confront “cheating corporations” and wanted to make the government “responsive to the people?” Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and doubt that. Rather, Porter has shown herself to be a viciously ambitious lunatic. 


She’s also a bad person. How is Joni Ernst being a female senator not “equality” for women in the U.S. Senate? Is she suggesting Ernst is trans or something? Of course, Porter believes men can become women, so that wouldn’t make sense. 

This is how Democrats view Republican women. To put it simply, they don’t count. Only far-left maniacs add up to equality in today’s day and age. Anyone else must be dehumanized and discarded. What normal person thinks like that? When I look at the Supreme Court, I can acknowledge that the three female liberals are indeed women even if I deeply disagree with their legal views. 

Porter isn’t a normal person, though. In fact, she’s such an entitled, sociopathic brat that she’s probably going to lose to the piece of wood that is Adam Schiff despite promoting her womanhood as a chief qualifier. Good. 

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