July 15, 2024

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported that Ukraine’s EU integration was one of the key topics on the agenda of the field meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Kyiv.

Source: evening address of Zelenskyy from 2 October 2023

Quote: “Our key integration goal is to start negotiations about [Ukraine’s EU] membership this year. Today I heard once again at the meetings and at the talks that it is entirely possible. Ukraine will definitely fulfil its part of the work: the seven recommendations of the European Commission. It is crucial that there be readiness about a political decision concerning Ukraine as well, concerning the start of the negotiations from the side of the EU, of all its member states.”

Details: Zelenskyy remarked that he had an opportunity to speak to all the top EU diplomats on the bilateral level. They discussed the protection of Ukraine in the war and the sanctions against Russia.

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