July 15, 2024

Listen above as I go over a portion of Dave Portnoy’s taped audio call with Washington Post’s Emily Heil and how he absolutely flipped the table on her noggin with her version of ambush journalism.


What a day to be alive in the media business. 

As my colleague Ward Clark wrote here yesterday, there was a smackdown in the media landscape that occurred and it did not involve wresting of any kind. Yet it 100 percent got media of a conservative nature buzzing and it involved the verbal destruction of a Washington Post reporter who all of a sudden found that “Your Lies Die in The Spotlight” courtesy of Dave Portnoy of Bar Stool Sports.

Here is a portion of Wade’s post  Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Roasts WaPo Writer, Gives a Master Class on Fighting Media Bias.

Dave Portnoy, founder and owner of Barstool Sports, has a complaint with Washington Post reporter Emily Heil’s characterization of him as “racist and misogynistic” and has given us a great seminar on how to react to such an accusation.

When Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy discovered the Washington Post’s Emily Heil had contacted his advertisers and labeled him as a person with a “history of misogynistic comments,” he took matters into his own hands and called her.

Portnoy posted the 11-minute confrontation in its entirety on Twitter. Heil initially lies, saying she didn’t characterize Portnoy as a misogynistic racist, before being confronted with her own words.

“We have this Pizza-fest happening on Saturday, and you’re reaching out to our advertisers,” Portnoy said. “You’re basically sending an e-mail that says, to the effect, ‘Dave’s a misogynic racist. Do you want to defend yourselves advertising at this event?’ Right?” he asked Heil.


Portnoy went ahead and set up a 10 a.m. call with the Post reporters and today at that specified time, low and behold they bailed and wanted to change the time. 

Dave was having NONE OF THAT.

This hack attempt at performing “journalism” revolves around the Dave Portnoy One Bite Pizza Fest this Saturday in Maimonides Park, Brooklyn, New York, and trying to shame his sponsors. You know, the people whose pizza he is featuring and just trying to help make a living.

Portnoy has been a target of left-wing outlets for a while and he always seems to beat them to the punch with his policy of just speaking his opinion and being honest. This has confounded his critics, who are numerous and he talked about a bit when he sat down with Tucker Carlson on X.

Here is another one of those times when I can sit gleefully by and not give a flying hoot in hell about the politics of Dave Portnoy or anyone who can pull off a maneuver like Dave has here. 


As I said in my show above, this is simply a Ted Talk or an Andrew Breitbart lobby in a bar class, that was put on here and it is magnificent. You do NOT allow the media to set the ground rules for “journalism” when the method they use lacks common sense and involves waiting until the last minute to talk with the feature of the post to set them up. In just under a 12-minute video post, Portnoy shows everyone how it is done with a calm and cool demeanor and anyone in media should take copious notes on how to do this at the drop of a hat.

Make sure to give my quick audio hit a listen above and then let me know what you think by clicking on my BIO right here or scrolling down a bit and letting me know what you think in the Comments. You can reach me on Facebook, X (The Platform Formally Known as Twitter), or my email address. I have no fear of listening and or reading people who I do not see eye to eye with.

Just like with Dave Portnoy.

Lastly, if you happen to attend Pizza Fest this Saturday let me know I would be interested to hear how it went, and even may do a story in it.

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