May 25, 2024

On Monday, a man accused of stalking Republican Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and harassing his family online was arrested after breaking the window of a Las Vegas home, believing the governor lived there. Stanley Weaver III faces charges of aggravated stalking, arson, cyberstalking, destruction of property, and trespassing. 


Weaver’s arrest report alleges that on Sunday, the 28-year-old was heard in a west Las Vegas valley neighborhood “yelling that Governor Lombardo had killed someone,” breaking the window on one house, and banging on the door of another home. Weaver recorded and posted a video of himself throwing a rock through the window. In the video, Weaver says, “I hate to do this, but I’m coming for you.” Weaver was arrested after admitting to breaking a window, which he believed belonged to the governor’s residence.

A family member of the governor lives in a neighboring residence to the home where the incident occurred. The arrest report also alleges that Weaver attempted to call one of Lombardo’s family members through Instagram in the days prior to the incident, and attempted to contact about 100 of her friends through social media. 

Nevada State Police, responsible for the governor’s security, were aware of 37 social media posts made by Weaver, accusing the governor of murder prior to the incident on Sunday. Although they intended to speak with Weaver about these posts, they did not do so before his arrest. 


Weaver’s social media posts featured a photo of an unidentified individual whom he claims is employed by the governor and purportedly “moved him into the dead man’s condo.” Another video posted on Instagram shows a man outside the home saying, “Governor Joe Lombardo killed someone, and this is his house.” These posts, dating back to September, include Weaver sharing photos of the Lombardo family and tagging them on social media.

Weaver’s arrest report alleges his own family members were afraid that Weaver would harm Lombardo and his family members, prompting them to hide the knives contained in Weaver’s apartment. Weaver’s criminal history contains extensive cases from California and Nevada, including allegations that he had broken windows and “terrorized” his neighborhood. 

After being taken into custody, police noted that Weaver had previously been placed on a psychiatric hold in January for attempting to set an apartment on fire. It is unclear if the arson charge is related to this prior incident. 

In a statement, Lombardo, who was previously the Sheriff of Clark County, said:


My family is safe, and I am grateful for the quick response of law enforcement. The increase in online agitation and anger continues to lead to more real-life violence. May this incident serve as a reminder to treat each other with respect and dignity, and to join together to make sure our law enforcement officers have the training and tools necessary to keep all of us safe.

Weaver is held at Clark County Detention Center and is due in court Thursday morning after refusing transportation from the jail for his initial court appearance on Tuesday. 

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