July 14, 2024

Russia’s 14th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment was inside a building of the Khalino air field near Kursk at the time it was hit by a drone strike on Sept. 24, Ukrainian media outlet Babel reported, citing a source in Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR).

The regiment’s commander, one of his deputies, an intelligence officer, as well as a group of aviator officers and air base employees, were killed or wounded in the strike, Babel wrote.

The HUR source said complete information on casualties was still being determined.

Kursk is a city in western Russia located around 100 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

In another drone drone attack on the morning of Sept. 25, Roman Starovoit, governor of Russia’s Kursk region, claimed that several houses and an administrative building had been damaged.

Babel’s source in HUR said, however, that the Sept. 25 attack had in fact hit a facility of Russia’s Interior Ministry.

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The previous evening, a drone struck a building of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Kursk, according to Ukrainian media outlets citing their intelligence sources. Kyiv has not publicly commented on any of the recent Kursk drone attacks.

Claims of Ukrainian drone strikes within Russian territory have increased in recent weeks, though Kyiv rarely takes responsibility for such attacks.

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