July 16, 2024

Is Megan Rapinoe the most obnoxious athlete in the history of sports? If there was any question, I’d say this latest example of just how awful she is clinches the top spot for her. 


Rapinoe played the final game of her professional career on Sunday, and it ended with her on the sidelines with an injury. Within the first few minutes, she apparently tore her Achilles, a serious injury that takes about a year to heal. In the post-game presser, she decided the right response to that situation would be to mock God. You know, because it’s his fault or something. 

RAPINOE: This is a long one, although I’m gonna get the Aaron Rodgers treatment, whatever that is. So I’m going to be calling him, whoever did his surgery because we need to speed this up. I thought about it a little bit. I mean, I’m not a religious person or anything, and if there was a God, this is proof that there isn’t. This is ****** up. So, yeah, this is ****** up because, you know, six minutes in and ******* eating my Achilles. Let me know, what the ****.

Isn’t she just a joy to watch? Surely, what the United States really needs is one of its national athletes insulting over half the nation’s religious beliefs. What a rousing show of unity and respect that will draw more viewers to a sport that most people already don’t pay attention to.


I do love how she’s blaming God for everything. That would be the God whom she doesn’t believe exists and whose word she violates purposely, maliciously, and with glee on a daily basis. Apparently, he is just supposed to be some magic genie that makes her life go well with no reciprocation at all. That’s not how it works anyway, but still, you have to marvel at the arrogance.

That’s indicative of Rapinoe’s wider worldview. She’s an incredibly selfish person, and that’s evidenced by how she constantly makes every situation involving her team about herself. Her team just lost a championship game 2-1 and all she cares about is that she didn’t get to finish the game. She’s so easy to root against because she makes herself so easy to root against. Forget national pride. If these are the types of people we are putting at the forefront, then it’s not deserved. 

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