July 15, 2024

David Weiss broke DOJ rules in an attempt to avoid congressional scrutiny, according to a new report

The Department of Justice had sent a letter telling Weiss not to respond to congressional requests, specifically outlining that only the Office of Legislative Affairs has the authority to do so. Instead, Weiss sent a now infamous letter to House members in which he falsely claimed to have “ultimately authority” regarding the Hunter Biden investigation.


The Department of Justice directed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss not to respond to congressional inquiries, according to an email provided exclusively to The Federalist. That same email stressed that under DOJ policy, only its Office of Legislative Affairs, or OLA, can respond to requests from the legislative branch. 

Yet Weiss would later sign and dispatch a letter to the House Judiciary Committee in response to an inquiry sent directly to Attorney General Merrick Garland. And in that letter, Weiss misleadingly claimed he had “been granted ultimate authority over” the Hunter Biden investigation. The DOJ’s disregard of its own policy provides further proof that both Garland and Weiss intended to obfuscate the reality that Weiss never held the reins of the Hunter Biden investigation.

As would be later revealed, Weiss was denied the ability to charge Hunter Biden multiple times. In the end, he would receive special counsel status from Garland, underlining the fact that he did not originally have “ultimate authority” as he claimed in his letter to Congress. 

Allegations of corruption involving Weiss are not new. His office was behind a sweetheart plea deal agreement made with Hunter Biden. That plan was only scuttled after a judge pressed the issue, exposing the unprecedented nature of it. Emails have also shown that Garland was essentially running interference for Weiss regarding Senate Republicans. 


Now, as special counsel, Weiss is charging Hunter Biden with a gun crime involving the falsification of a government document. There has been no indication of whether the tax charges will be refiled. Years prior, Weiss let the statute of limitations run out on some of Hunter Biden’s worse alleged crimes, including tax fraud.

The federal government has shown no desire to hold itself accountable, and this is yet another example. Trust in the DOJ will continue to fall until major changes are made, and that won’t happen under the Biden administration. 

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