July 13, 2024

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak refuted UK Secretary of State for Defence Grant Shapps’ statement that British instructors might train Ukrainian military personnel in Ukraine.

Source: Sky News, citing Rishi Sunak

Details: Sunak denied that British military instructors will be deployed to Ukraine in the near future, saying that the plans are “not the here and now”.

“I think there has been some misreporting about this.”

Sunak believes that Shapps was talking about the possibility of some training in Ukraine being possible “one day in the future”.

“But that’s something for the long-term, not the here and now…What we are doing is training Ukrainians. We’re doing that here in the UK. It’s something that everyone should be proud of because it’s making an enormous difference,” he stressed.

Sunak also said that British troops will not be sent to fight in the current conflict.


  • UK Defence Minister Grant Shapps said that his country will expand its training programme for Ukrainian soldiers and transfer training and production of military equipment to Ukraine.

  • Shapps took over from Ben Wallace at the UK Ministry of Defense in September 2023.

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