July 15, 2024

Over 2,500 trucks are waiting to cross the border from Poland into Ukraine at three checkpoints blocked by striking Polish truckers, Ukrainian State Border Guard Service spokesman Andriy Demchenko said on national television on Nov. 12.

“Traffic is disrupted on most routes in three directions: to and from Ukraine. The only direction where cars leaving Ukraine for Poland are moving more or less intensively is the Krakovets-Korchova checkpoint.”

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The lines are still growing.

More than 50% of the trucks go to the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint, the rest are at the Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne and Krakovets-Korchova checkpoints.

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Demchenko hopes that the border crossings will be unblocked after the Ukrainian Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development meets with Polish authorities and truckers on Nov. 13.

Polish truckers have been on strike since Nov. 6 at three border crossings with Ukraine: Korczowa-Krakówiec, Hrebenne-Rava-Ruska, and Dorohusk-Yagodin.

Scheduled until Jan. 3, the strike is driven by several demands, including the return of permits to Ukrainian carriers, reinforcing international transport rules for foreign carriers under the CEMT, restricting company registrations in Poland to those with finances in the EU, implementing separate queues for EU-numbered cars and empty trucks, and access to the ‘Shliakh’ system.

It was later discovered that Polish truckers participating in the strike had previously worked in Russia and Belarus.

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