July 15, 2024

Politico didn’t hold back against Joe Biden in a Monday morning article, blasting him for being mentally and physically inept.

In a piece that was ultimately meant to prop up Biden, a contradiction I’ll address momentarily, Jonathan Martin lambasted the president for being unable to governor and campaign in any traditional fashion, saying that Biden “simply does not have the capacity to do it.”  


The rest of the article is informative in illustrating the insanely selfish mindset held by liberals, but from that paragraph alone, it’s obvious that Democrats want Biden out of the race now. They are seeing the writing on the wall, including the possibility that he could lose to any of the current GOP candidates, including even a convicted Donald Trump. That is their nightmare scenario, and they want to get out from in front of the train before it runs them over. 

As I’ve written in the past, though, that’s too cute by half. If Biden steps aside, Democrats are then saddled with an even worse candidate in Kamala Harris, perhaps the worst politician in modern history. Yes, even worse than Hillary Clinton. But if Democrats push Harris aside, they are left with a splintered party, likely damaged beyond repair (in the short term before the next election) due to the lock that intersectionalism has on the far left. The cries of racism and misogyny would be deafening if Harris was booted for Gavin Newsom or someone similar.

In the end, I think Politico realizes that fact, which is why the rest of the article is framed around how Biden can turn things around. That includes getting help from (brace yourself) Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. 


Last week’s entry of Jill Stein as a Green Party candidate and Sen. Joe Manchin’s new presidential tease should focus the mind. Biden can do little about Stein, but he must smother Manchin with kindness and keep him in the Democratic tent. While he’s at it, the president and his top aides should also woo Manchin’s Republican friend (and third-party temptress) Mitt Romney.

Neither senator wants their legacy to be abetting Trump’s return. But that’s not enough: Biden must bring them into his corner. They must actively make the case that voting for Biden is the only way to block Trump.

And on this score, why is Biden not doing more to secure the support of Liz Cheney? She has made clear she’s determined to stop Trump’s return to the Oval Office. Yet Cheney is still publicly keeping open a presidential bid of her own. Biden can let her publish her book next month, but then she should be brought into the fold. Whether it’s called Republicans Against Trump or Republicans for Biden, Cheney must be deployed and do all she can do to bring other prominent figures with her, including her father and former President George W. Bush.

Again, this is just inside-the-beltway fantasy stuff. Even if Cheney and Romney stepped in to openly support Biden, that wouldn’t move a single vote. Those two “Republicans” have proven themselves to have essentially zero electoral influence. Regardless, wish-casting for them to come to the rescue is a contradiction in and of itself. 


As the paragraph posted at the beginning of this piece notes, Biden can’t do the job. If he can’t do the job, then why is Politico even bothering to argue what he should do to win? That would seem to be an admission that they prefer further destruction of the nation to losing a political race. Either the president is capable or he’s not, and since he’s not, the only argument that makes sense in favor of the Democratic Party retaining power at this point is replacing him. 

In a way, this Politico piece is a mask-off moment. It shows what the left’s priorities are. They’d rather you suffer than see a Republican win the presidency. I’d say that’s an attitude that shouldn’t be rewarded in 2024. Vote accordingly. 

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