July 14, 2024

In the continuing saga of Randi Weingarten and her self-owning, we bring you this update: She’s at it again. 

Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, frequently finds herself on the receiving end of Community Notes over on X/Twitter, mostly because she’s trying to rewrite history when it comes to her role in keeping schools shut during COVID. RedState’s Nick Arama reported in October how Weingarten suffered a “glorious takedown” for releasing a video claiming she was always for the “safe reopening of schools” during the pandemic. This prompted one user to observe,  “Iโ€™m convinced Community Notes were invented just for Randi Weingarten.”


Never one to learn a lesson from past mistakes, Weingarten took to Twitter on Sunday to share an Axios story about the rise in — gasp! — homeschooling families. What could possibly be behind that trend? Surely not teachers unions using schoolchildren as political pawns, right?

Here’s the tweet:

It was safe for her to share the story, of course, because the likes of Axios would never place the reason for so many Americans are taking control of their children’s schooling at the feet of teachers unions. Axios will always provide air cover for leftists like Randi Weingarten. 

Indeed, here are some things that Axios frets have led to what they clearly see as a worrisome embrace of homeschooling:  

  • There are Black families who say they turned to homeschooling in order to keep their kids away from the school-to-prison pipeline, Stuber said.
  • Families of color and those with religious affiliations seeking to avoid bullying and racism.
  • There are also families who pull their trans kids out of school to avoid an unhealthy situation where they feel threatened, Stuber said.


Things they don’t connect to the rise in homeschooling: Randi Weingarten. 

And let’s be sure to point out the absurdity of the left’s favorite anti-homeschooling argument: Homeschooled kids aren’t well-socialized and will turn out weird. First of all, they certainly weren’t well-socialized when they were imprisoned in their homes by the likes of Randi Weingarten or, on those rare occasions they were allowed to attend school in person, found themselves imprisoned at their desks by ridiculous plexiglass partitions. Sure, being able to wave at your friends from six feet away stops kids from turning out weird. Not to mention the obvious fact that public schools are now in the business of making kids turn out weird.

Weingarten has turned off comments on her tweets, so only people she follows — AKA, others who kept kids out of school and see parents as the enemy — can respond. That didn’t stop the comments from flooding in:

  • “Corrupt Randi Weingarten is why we homeschool.” (tweet)
  • “All Randi Weingarten has to do is look at the ignorance being displayed on college campuses. It didnโ€™t start in college in started in public schools.” (tweet)
  • “Randi Weingarten is a gift to the GOP.” (tweet)


When it comes to Randi Weingarten being a gift to Republicans, keep in mind that she spent the last days of the 2021 governor’s race in Virginia campaigning side-by-side with Democrat Terry McAuliffe. She was a featured speaker at every stop and, thinking the Dems were a shoo-in, doubled down on the anti-parent rhetoric. 

Glenn Youngkin beat Terry McAuliffe by two Randi Weingarten-shaped percentage points. 

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