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July 15, 2024

On Wednesday, in Midland, Texas, presidential candidate Ron DeSantis laid out his vision for a more abundant and resilient energy future for the country. His remarks were right on point. 


I’ll allow DeSantis to speak for himself, but his remarks were essentially in line with a market-oriented and common-sense energy strategy. Suffice it to say reliable energy trumps renewable energy when it comes to America’s energy security. 

Amen to that!

There’s no doubt that energy is the lifeblood that powers our economy and our modern society. Energy fuels economic growth through lower manufacturing and transportation costs, which lead to more job creation, lower consumer and producer prices, and, ultimately, an enhanced quality of life via a higher standard of living.

Access to affordable and reliable domestic energy is crucial for America to flourish. Throughout history, advancements in energy technology have transformed communities and lifted millions of individuals out of poverty.

Indeed, abundant and reliable energy sources, such as fossil fuels, hydro, and nuclear energy, have powered industrial production, expanding access to education opportunities, better healthcare outcomes, and improved living conditions.

By investing in efficient energy systems, as suggested by Governor DeSantis in his Midland, Texas speech, we will unlock the potential for stronger economic growth and prosperity, providing more opportunities for individuals to thrive across all sectors of the American economy.


While environmental impacts are undoubtedly a concern, we must make informed decisions that balance these trade-offs with the imperative of reliability and affordability. Market-oriented approaches ensure that environmentally responsible options are both practical and economically viable.

Meeting the energy demands of the largest economy in the world requires a robust and scaled-up energy infrastructure. While localized power grids and distributed generation have merits, they cannot fully meet the needs of an entire nation.

Large-scale, baseload generation facilities powered by diverse and reliable energy sources can be crucial in meeting our energy demands, especially when renewables fall short. The reliability of our nation’s energy supply is vital.

While renewable energy sources claim the promise of a cleaner future, they currently cannot provide the uninterrupted power that our communities need. Fossil fuels and nuclear energy, as reliable baseload sources, fill the gaps when renewables, such as wind and solar, fall short. Indeed, fossil fuels will remain the foundation of our domestic energy supply for the next few decades.

Although battery technology and storage are advancing, it is not yet at a stage where it can replace the reliability of traditional energy sources such as natural gas and nuclear. We must prioritize integrating scalable and reliable energy to ensure a consistent electricity supply for households, businesses, and critical infrastructure. Uninterrupted power drives economic activity and saves lives.


A reliable energy supply is vital to guaranteeing America’s future economic prosperity. And Americans want their own domestic energy supplies rather than relying on energy from other countries, including countries that hate us. 

Transitioning to a renewable and more sustainable energy system will take time. Energy infrastructure projects span years, from planning and permitting to construction and operation. Substituting this process via green mandates and initiatives that aren’t based on sound market principles leads to costly adjustments and compromises in energy affordability and reliability.

Thus, a long-term perspective is crucial, acknowledging the need for gradual and well-planned changes that also consider economic, social, and environmental implications. The role of politicians in America’s reliable energy economy should be minimized and even eliminated.

Affordability is a fundamental requirement for America’s energy security. Higher energy costs disproportionately burden lower-income families, drive up prices, and hinder economic growth.


When considering different energy sources, we must prioritize abundance, affordability, and reliability while mitigating most environmental impacts. It is unrealistic to think we can generate the power America needs without allowing for some environmental tradeoffs.

Lastly, unleashing America’s energy resources will guarantee an abundant and reliable domestic energy supply. And this will be beneficial to the entire spectrum of American society. It will also help to level the playing field and promote economic mobility, including in America’s low-income rural areas and inner cities.

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