July 16, 2024

Former Wagner Group fighters have set up a military camp near the Russian-occupied port city of Skadovsk in Kherson Oblast, Ukraine’s south.

Source: Ukraine’s National Resistance Center

Quote: “Ukraine’s resistance reports that former Wagner fighters are not provided with anything. All logistical problems are blamed on the so-called volunteers. The former mercenaries have not been provided with means of transportation or personal protective equipment.

The command of the Russian occupation forces on the ground is currently deciding on where to deploy [Wagner fighters] next.”


  • UK Defence Intelligence believes that the Russian Federation has been trying to increase its control over the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) following an attempted mutiny by the PMC and the death of its leadership.

  • The UK Ministry of Defence said major elements of the Wagner PMC have likely been assimilated into the Russian National Guard’s (Rosgvardiya) command structure and resumed active recruitment as of the end of October 2023.

  • Several high-ranking Russian officers were killed as a result of a Ukrainian HIMARS strike on Skadovsk on 9 November.

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