July 15, 2024

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, has stated that Russia may increase the intensity of attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure, and all attention in Ukraine must be focused on the protection from and response to the terrorist attacks.

Source: evening address of the President of Ukraine

Quote: “Almost half of November is behind us, and we must be ready that the enemy might increase the number of drone or missile attacks on our infrastructure.

Russia is getting ready for the winter. And Ukraine must focus on the protection, on the response to the terrorists, on everything Ukraine can do to make it easier for our people to survive this winter and expand the capabilities of our soldiers.”

Details: Zelenskyy has thanked all the partners who had supplied Ukraine with air defence systems.

“These are different countries: the US, Germany, France, the UK; it’s Norway, Italy, it’s Romania, it’s Sweden, the Netherlands, Slovakia; it’s Czechia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Baltic countries and others. [They have supplied us with] Patriot, NASAMS, Iris-T, Raven, and Hawks air defence systems. Not everything can be discussed openly but the Ukrainian air shield is stronger than a year ago. Now our capacities are broader but, sadly, this is still not the full protection of the whole territory. And we are working to make this protection even stronger,” the President said.

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