July 15, 2024

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) has reported that Russian officers have been killed in the temporarily occupied city of Melitopol (Zaporizhzhia Oblast) in an explosion at their headquarters on 11 November.

Source: DIU

Details: Ukrainian intelligence reported that a strong explosion in the temporarily occupied Melitopol on 11 November was “an act of revenge committed by representatives of the local resistance movement”.

The Russians set up their headquarters in the premises of the Nova Poshta delivery company’s office, located on Dmytro Dontsov Street.

The attack on the headquarters took place during a meeting of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and National Guard (Rosgvardiya) officers.

The DIU said at least three Rosgvardia officers were killed in the explosion at their headquarters. The information on other Russian losses is being gathered.

DIU also notes that the Russians blocked traffic on the adjacent stretch of road from the Melitopol Avtohidroahrehat, a facility producing car hydraulic devices, to the former Refma Refrigeration Plant in Melitopol an hour before the meeting.

The Russian occupying forces turned both industrial facilities into military bases.

Quote: “The strike caused a panic in Melitopol, as many Russian proxy police officers rushed to the scene with their sirens on.

A while later, they dragged a car that had been burned near the headquarters through the occupied city to their station.”

Background: On the evening of 11 November, a loud explosion occurred in Melitopol.

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