July 15, 2024

The Russians launched several attacks on energy infrastructure facilities in Ukraine over the past 24 hours. In particular, the territory near one of the thermal power plants and an oil refining facility were targeted.

Source: Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy

Russian forces attacked the territory near one of the thermal power plants in Donetsk Oblast during the past day. There were no casualties, the ministry reports.

Apart from that, equipment at one of the oil refining facilities was damaged due to the attack.

Also, the Ministry of Energy said the fire broke out at one of the mines in Donetsk Oblast.

Quote: “A fire broke out in one of the mines of Donetsk Oblast due to a voltage drop in the evening. At the time of the emergency, 45 miners were underground. Combustion products did not enter the mine workings. The fire was extinguished within an hour, and the mine’s power supply was restored,” the ministry said.

The ministry reported that the power generation capacities are currently operating in normal mode. Coal and fuel oil reserves in warehouses are sufficient for the uninterrupted operation of the stations. The amount of electricity generated is sufficient to meet the needs of consumers and industry fully.

“One of the power units of the thermal power plant has resumed operation after scheduled maintenance. It will contribute an additional 250 MW of capacity to the power system,” the ministry added.

Electricity was cut off for over 9,000 users due to hostilities in Donetsk Oblast during the past day. Power transmission lines in Kharkiv Oblast were damaged. The demining of territories around energy facilities is ongoing with the involvement of bomb disposal experts and special equipment.

Due to shelling in Chernihiv Oblast, an overhead power line has been disrupted, leaving over 200 consumers without electricity.

Power engineers restored the supply of electricity for more than 3,600 residents in Kherson in the past day.

“Overall, power engineers restored power for almost 27,000 consumers during the day. Some consumers in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Sumy, and Chernihiv oblasts remain partially without electricity,” the Ministry of Energy stated.

The ministry said that electricity exports to Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova amounted to 1,720 MW-hours in the past day, while the import from these countries was 1,176 MW-hours.

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