June 18, 2024

Russian occupiers launched a projectile with propaganda leaflets over the south of Ukraine, but it did not explode.

Source: The Operational Command Pivden (South)

Quote: “Russian occupiers, trying to carry out propaganda and misinformation among our people – both military and civilians – launched a special projectile.

The plan of the occupiers foresaw that it was supposed to open in the air so that the leaflets would scatter around. But, like all the plans of the enemy, the projectile simply fell to the ground, without spreading its deceitful stuffing.”


The occupiers wanted to distribute propaganda with a projectile.



Photo: Operational Command Pivden (South)


The Russians stuffed the projectile with propaganda leaflets, but it didn’t work.

Photo: Operational Command Pivden (South)


The leaflets address Ukrainian soldiers, warning them of “dying for American ideals”.

Photo: Operational Command Pivden (South)

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