July 22, 2024

According to the National Resistance Center, local collaborators on temporarily occupied territories are being sent to study in Siberia, Russia.

Source: Ukraine’s National Resistance Center

Quote: “The deployment of a network of Russian occupation administrations requires trained personnel.

Given that the Russians have failed to attract the support of the majority of Ukrainian citizens who worked in the state and local government sectors, they have to import specialists from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Those collaborators who volunteered to work in the occupation administrations mostly do not have the appropriate education or hold the lowest positions in this sector.”

Details: The NRC reported that Russian handlers organised training in Siberia for collaborators from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The NRC said they would be trained as “managers” at the Institute of State and Municipal Administration under the Krasnoyarsk Krai government [the city of Krasnoyarsk lies in Russia’s Far East].

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