July 22, 2024

Joe Biden spoke on Tuesday about “his administration’s historic actions to address the climate crisis” at the White House. He keeps trying to propagandize his “achievements” to the American people, even using the bully pulpit of the White House to do so. But all the American public can see is the bad results of what his time in office has wrought, including paying more for everything. 


With all the crises we’re facing and Americans being held hostage for a month by Hamas terrorists, what was Biden saying was the big danger on Tuesday? He claimed that climate change is the “ultimate threat to humanity.” 

No, the ultimate threat to humanity may just be having an incoherent alleged leader of the free world. He’s “seen first hand” bad weather and makes everything about climate change. 

Biden wasn’t looking good and it got worse. This next mess was with a teleprompter and still his brain broke midway and he started just spewing random words that made no sense, as he slurred heavily. 

“It’s an impact that decades are making, because inaction are, uh, inaction are much too long,” he said struggling. 

If you ever watched a train pile up on the tracks, that’s what it looks like. At this point it’s so bad, it sounds like he just had a stroke. Except with him, it’s a progressive thing that has continued to get worse. This is scary to think that this guy has any power over anything. 

He also appeared to be coughing more than normal. 


And now he’s supposed to be meeting with Xi Jinping at the APEC Summit? One has to wonder what might he say there and if Xi Is going to see what a mess he truly is. 

Biden struggled to explain how he would define “success” from his meeting with Xi on Wednesday, He had a long befuddled-looking pause, then said getting back on a normal course, 

Biden said, “We can’t take,” and then can’t seem to finish that thought. He then explained he didn’t want to “decouple” from China. That’s clueless, they should be trying to decouple and realize the problems of dependency and having too many of our industries influenced or connected to China. But that would require China Money Biden to act in the best interests of America. 

Biden then started to toddle off and was asked about a real issue: the hostages, “Can you address the hostages directly and give them a message of hope?”


What is he saying here? No, he hasn’t been speaking to the hostages. I think he’s trying to say that he’s talking to “people involved” meaning people in his administration working on the question. This is just a version of the same thing he’s said for a few days now — that he’s hopeful — but there have been no results. 

But notice how they had a “Biden handler” there to help make sure that he didn’t get lost and found his way off the stage. I reported last night how he had to be helped by Jill Biden to deal with basic questions from the reporters, and he still made bad remarks about Israel. 

Something is very wrong. They may not want to acknowledge it. But it’s getting worse, and as we go into the election, it’s going to become much more evident. 

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