July 13, 2024

Sweden has allocated 25.2 million euros ($26.6 million) to the Energy Support Fund for Ukraine and has already delivered over 1,000 tons of equipment to aid in the restoration of the power infrastructure.

Yaroslav Demchenkov and Svitlana Grynchuk, Ukraine’s deputy energy ministers, met with the representatives of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine and discussed areas of cooperation to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian energy system.

The Fund for Energy Support of Ukraine, established under the Energy Community Secretariat, received a transfer of Swedish aid in August. Sweden also shipped energy-related equipment, such as transformers, generators, and other critical equipment to Ukraine.

On Sept. 24, the U.S. and Ukraine have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at improving Ukraine’s energy resilience. Subject to the availability of funds, the U.S. plans to supply Ukraine with $522 million in energy-related assistance, including $100 million provided on the condition Kyiv makes progress in some energy sector reforms.

Washington and Kyiv also pledged to collaborate on protecting Ukraine’s most critical energy infrastructure, including anti-drone and anti-missile defense, among other measures, the U.S. Embassy wrote.

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