July 13, 2024

There is a general consensus about the start of negotiations about Ukraine’s accession to the EU, but the final decision will be preceded by work with European capitals.

Source: Olha Stefanishyna, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, at the 2nd EU Accession Exchange Forum, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Stefanishyna remarked that the strategy is aimed at motivating Ukraine to advance in its agenda and prove its efficiency.

She stated that the progress Ukraine managed to achieve in fulfilling the seven recommendations leaves no room for doubt that the extension will be positive.

Quote: “When the European Commission releases its report, we will have to work with the EU member states individually. And at every stage each member state can pose its questions not necessarily connected with the seven recommendations in order to reach the consensus by December 2023.

Yes, there is a consensus that the negotiations about Ukraine’s membership may start.

It is a consensus of all the member states, even those who are more in favour of Western Balkans or even Georgia’s membership. But everyone agrees that before making decisions about these countries, a decision must be made about Ukraine.”

Details: Stefanishyna stated that the current situation is drastically different from when Ukraine was trying to get a membership candidate status.

“At the moment everyone understands that no other decision can be made if the decision about Ukraine is not made,” Stefanishyna explained.


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